Value Management

Value Leadership is a process that reconciles the estimates of the Architect’s Cost Consultant and the Construction Manager. The product is a reconciled estimate with the highest level of accuracy, fairest pricing that reflects current market conditions, and maximized scope and design quality.

Our Value Management Benefits
  • Assists Owner in maintaining control of budget and scope.
  • Makes sure the Owner’s interests are represented.
  • Reinforces teamwork between the AE and Contractor.
  • As Value Leader, Palacio Collaborative works directly for the Owner, leads and manages the estimates reconciliation process.
  • Typically adds 5%-25% value to the project.
  • Helps maintain schedule compliance throughout the design process.

Within the Value Management Project Team, the Owner receives representation and independent Cost Management directly from the Value Manager. This allows everyone on the project Team the freedom to operate in the Owner’s best interest in their designated roles. The greatest benefit is received by the Owner.