Program Management

Palacio Collaborative works with our Clients to start every project with a strong vision, program, total project budget, and schedule to form a comprehensive plan for success. We help build the best Design and Construction team around the Owner’s team, integrated with the use of effective communications, with consideration of sustainable options, and efficient long term operational cost.

As the design phase process progresses, we work to facilitate clear and concise understanding and communication between all Team members. We hold each firm accountable for their professional obligations to maintain the design schedule, cost control and quality control process. We make sure the Design and Construction Team have the information and tools needed to meet and exceed the Client’s project goals.

Palacio Collaborative provides expert oversight throughout the Construction Contract Administration. Our services maintain schedule, control changes, and review pay applications to be sure funds are properly dispersed. We assist Owner planning in procurement of furniture and equipment and provide supplementary monitoring of construction quality at the highest possible level.