A Few Words About Us

Palacio Collaborative, Inc. provides comprehensive facility solutions through full service Construction Program, Cost, and Value Management. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firm with over 100 years of combined staff experience. Palacio Collaborative has a unique approach, which integrates Program and Cost Management to deliver a successful built environment which allows us to ensure your next facility project is on time, within budget, and with optimal quality, function, and value.

Our History

Palacio Collaborative, Inc. was founded in December 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia by Michael D. Palacio, as a full service Construction Cost and Value Management firm. Palacio Collaborative primary services included Cost Modeling/ Budget Verification, Cost Management, Value Management, and Project Management Assistance. Before beginning Palacio Collaborative, Michael worked with a local consulting firm for over eleven years as a Senior Cost Analyst. During his tenure, he earned his certification as a Certified Professional Estimator. Throughout his career, Michael has led building projects ranging from thousands of dollars to over $100 Million in roles of Cost Consultant, Owner’s Representative and Value Manager.

Today, Palacio Collaborative, Inc. employs Program and Cost Managers in Georgia and Maryland offices. In North Carolina and Virginia, we are poised to provide our clients unparalleled services for a value conscious built environment.

Now in our 10th year, Palacio Collaborative core mission is still delivering value. We not only manage the project, but meet and exceed Client expectations in the quality and scope of their built environment. Sustainability and long-term building value has been a prominent factor in our experience with numerous projects that have received LEED Platinum certification and below, and the Georgia Peach Rating System.

Meet Our Team

Michael D. Palacio

President and Chief Cost Manager

Susan M. Smith

Vice President, Client Development and Technical Services

Renwick "Terry" Dickerson

Vice President, Cost Management

Latarsha Bailey

Vice President, Operations and Marketing

Jodie Kyle

Senior Mechanical Cost Manager

Candy Swanson

Senior Electrical Cost Manager

Kerron Evans

Senior Cost Manager

Tony Murphy

Senior Cost Manager

Justin M. Landry

Senior Cost Manager

Vita Spear

Cost Manager

Our Advantages

  • Palacio Collaborative has a specialized Cost Modeling system unique to our company that assists in understanding, setting and reconciling project scope and budget. This is the critical first step in improving the opportunity for project success.

  • Palacio Collaborative has provided Cost Management services on projects that have achieved LEED Platinum and below. We understand the cost impact and implications of sustainable building elements even at the initial project stages.

  • Palacio Collaborative’s Leadership team is highly qualified for the job. Owner and Chief Cost Manager, Michael D. Palacio, is a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) with over 20 years as a professional Cost Consultant.

  • Palacio Collaborative understands current market conditions and is able to project future construction trends.

  • Palacio Collaborative has proven success in challenging the Contractors within the CM-at-risk delivery method to provide fair and competitive estimates. We have successfully and aggressively worked on Contractor Estimate Review and Reconciliations to preserve building value.


"Palacio Collaborative has consistently provided solid independent costing and cost management assistance starting with the earliest programming phases."

Jim Winer, AIA LEED AP - Principal
Make3 Architecture/Planning/Design

"Michael and his staff have the proper tools, attitude and tenacity to help move projects forward even when budgetary challenges come into view."

David L. McBrayer, AIA, LEED AP - Principal
Director of Education Studio, Lyman Davidson Dooley, Inc.

"Michael and his team worked closely with us during each phase of the Chattahoochee Technical College project to keep the project budget in line while maintaining the integrity of the design."

Keita Cooper, AIA, NOMA
Former Project Manager, Senior Associate - tvsdesign