Document and Specifications Review

Palacio Collaborative provides a comprehensive review of Construction Documents drawings and specifications along with an integrated Value analysis Study to manage risk. This review is provided to the Owner or Client in the form of a tracking spreadsheet. The Architect /Engineer professional responses are tracked for verification. If the 100% review reveals extensive issues, a more detailed review is available for an additional service.


Perform a review of the AE’s Drawings and Specifications (Project Manual) Documents in their printed form and searchable PDF media prior to the start of construction with the goal of locating and resolving of potential issues before Construction Documents are released :

  • Review drawings, details, and specification for completeness.
  • Coordination of each Design Discipline’s documents, including references.
  • Inter-coordination of Design Disciplines (between each other).
  • Coordination between drawings and specifications.
  • Review of appropriateness of materials and details, including envelope integrity and performance.
  • Suggestions for resolutions of issues in sketch form.
  • Initial page Turn Review with the AE and Owner.
  • 80% Construction Document Review.
  • 100% Construction Document Review including evaluation of AE’s incorporation of 80% Document Review comments.
  • 80% and 100% Spreadsheet format reports with AE’s response and AE’s implementation Sign-Off Tracking.