Cost Modeling

Establishing a reconciled budget and scope is a critical first step toward project success. The earlier a Construction Cost Manager is introduced in the Design process, the greater an environment is created for proper project alignment. Palacio Collaborative is able to provide Budgeting and Conceptual Estimating at the beginning of the Pre-design or programming stage. Our Cost Management services continue to accurately reflect project cost and control at every phase of the phase of the project to help the Owner and Project Team to create the most building the budget will allow.

Beginning with the right plan makes for greater success on the journey. Palacio Collaborative does this from the start. Our tailored Cost Modeling system provides accurate Budgeting and Conceptual Estimating for even the vaguest program. We are even able to give cost implication of sustainable components or LEED-oriental design concepts.

Our Cost Modeling system:
  • Helps develop other project budgets (contingency factors, A/V, FF&E, and other soft costs).
  • Establishes what is included in the Construction Budget.
  • Is used to track future design phases.
  • Makes sure the Owner and Design Team are all moving in the same direction.