Cost Management

Cost Management is a highly effective process that ensures that the Owner’s interests are represented throughtout the design process and that a project is delivered to the maximum the budget will accommodate. Working closely with the Owner, Palacio Collaborative has added as much as 20% to the value of the project (or conversely, kept the project scope/quality from being needlessly reduced or redesigned by 20%).

  • Works with the Owner, Design Team and Contractor to ensure optimal project scope for the budget.
  • Provides Independent Cost Estimate.
  • Represents the Owner during Contractor Estimate Review and Reconciliation.
  • Provides alternative pricing and leads the Value Engineering effort to minimize loss of scope and quality and redesign.
  • Provides alternative design option pricing that helps the Design Team navigate a course to a successful project.
  • Provides change order pricing that aids in reducing schedule slips and makes sure of the Owner.
  • Provides an independent cost estimate.
  • Provides an objective presence as the Cost Manager during the design process to make sure the project reaches optimal value to the Owner. This allows the Owner to maintain control of the scope, quality and cost of the project.